Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to February

I know I made such a big deal of the spring being finally here, but I forgot to upload something two months ago. I found few pictures from the last day of my talent exam. Think they deserve to be shared.

So if you wonder about technology, it's based on principe of camera obscura but instead of one hole I made 5. And why I used this? Task was "Getting Lost" and I picked as a topic book I read not so long ago The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. If you are curious more about it, just write. I don't want to public everything about how and why...

Have a nice evening people!

Ornery Cuss

My good friend called me ornery cuss... 

I'm not mad as I should be... I like it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

With Summer Behind Our Doors

Good morning/afternoon/whatever...

So we had couple of beautiful days here, weather is amazing and invites you to go out and make love in the grass. Earth smells good, birds are singing and season of picnics is coming. With denim jacket I found in my closet, I'm waiting for the day when we all go out and spend whole day in the park without complaining about cold.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Screen Tests, Video Art & Others

Last year I visited exhibition Andy Warhol Motion Pictures, exhibition of artist's famous screen tests and silent movies and to be honest with you, dear readers, this became my favorite type of video art. It's very symbolic, emotional and in Warhol's case erotic. Some people wrongly consider this section of Warhol's work as some addition to his artworks. People, seriously? Just look at that and those shots are maybe even more than printed icons. They simply are alive icons. Some people might think this is disturbing, I think it's amazing. 

And why am I writing about exhibition I saw more than year ago? I found current screen tests of models before photo shooting on YouTube and this made me think about video art in general. I don't think many people does that, at least here in Czech republic even it's somewhere between photography and filming. I already checked my classes for the next year of study and we will have required classes of filming, so this could be a good preparation and I would have something to show already. Something to consider. 
Ok guys, leave a comment below what do you think about this type of art, because I'm curious what other people might think.

My favorite one

Have a good night/day/whatever is at your place...
Kisses T.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

I noticed that in North America easter was yesterday, but here in Czech republic we celebrate it on Monday. So that's just if you all are wondering why I'm wishing now. I got whipped, gave eggs (Yes, according to our tradition, guys usually come to our houses with whipping stick made of willow twigs and they are beating us with it, and as thank you we give an egg) I know maybe it sounds ridiculous - celebration of Easter Holidays is beating a girls. And believe or not I'm not such a big fan of this tradition, go figure.

Anyway Happy Easter everyone!
Love T.