Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Souls Are Blowing Away in Night Prague

It's late night here in Prague, Monday. Everyone probably came home from work and now is enjoying time with family, soulmate, or lover. Someone might go to the pub, meet friends, that's what people do here. They don't wait for a weekend, people live here. When I'm thinking of this, I have to tell you that life in Prague is really different than in other places; at least I can feel the mood of town. And us, alone people are just flying in our dreams, or breathing all energy from the lights outside while we are sitting on the windowsill. Everything here makes me nostalgic, not memories, it's just a mood. And that reminds me one song I love since I was 14. It's from a Czech band Tata Bojs and honestly, explain you the lyrics is such a hard task, because it's words game. It's simply about our souls, what are blowing away and we want to do something with that but there's always a problem. We just can't fully control our souls...

Monday, March 22, 2010

When I dream too much...

When I dream too much at night, reality seems to be unreal during the day light...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"...'Give us the Lady,' they said.
'It is too dangerous now
to have her likeness on a wall.'
So I gave her away..."

Leonard Cohen, 'My Redeemer'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Those are probably a year old pictures I made for my graduation book. Yes we had to make a book; from the first idea to realization. I was stuck because we had to pick one of four topics and everyone took "My home, my castle" or "Downtown of Prague" and I as complete idiot picked "Question of Matriarchal and Patriarchal". Tereza wanted to be original, again. So I was thinking how to do that and after selection of topics I made a World of Male/Female Magazines. I looked at magazines as creators of a life style, they are almost in God's position of leading masses, but what I've found out after spending time in Maxim magazine, that original idea of patriarchal or matriarchal doesn't exist, at least not in current society. There are some areas where it's still working as some isolated villages or wild nations where it could work. The thing we called Patriarchal is more about being a macho.

Anyway I had a really good time spending my days there and they really helped me out to see the world of magazines. And I'm very thankful to them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When I have dog days....

Sometimes I'm a pet lover. Well... Always!
But usually I think about having a pet as natural part of my life. Fortunately sometimes I love all animals around me and they make me very happy. When I was visiting my friend family, I met their new dog. What a rascal! He was from the shelter, previous owners gave him back there, but Tomas (my dad's friend, non-family uncle to me) took him and with his wife Josie gave him home full of love. Akela (That's the dog's name) definitely has personality. He's biting, trying to be master of you instead of you to be his, he's very playful and smart.
 Back to the point. I was cleaning my computer and found pictures from summer and it reminded me the fun in a dog park, walks and also my fights with him. I really miss that guy and with spring air coming I really want to go for a walk. Well I think I'll go back to Pardubice and take my own dog Charlie for a big walk on the water front...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Detox of my mind...

Those lazy days, when ground is muddy I enjoy spending my time watching what I’ve done in the last year. I reached many goals actually. I didn’t get the university, but I made pretty good works for my graduation works, I also finished my school with honour, I’ve never expected that, I went across the ocean, where I did pretty well as a photographer. It was a first step for me and I really appreciate all I managed in year 2009. Maybe it’s weird to think about that in March, but 2010 brings a  new chalenges and opportunities to me. I’m going to study again, I’m also going to travel quite bit, starting to build my name in artistic field, meeting a new people, I’ll try to make new ideas real. For me year starts in Spring. Now I have to wash all dirt of the last year of my skin and start again. And most important thing I wanted to tell you people, I found a new energy to be alive and creative. I found a new passion to work again...

So world, here I come!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Promise is promise

Do you know those days when you don’t have a mood to do anything? That’s what I’ve had from last week. If you’re expecting some pictures, I have to dissappoint you, because I have nothing I want to share, or nothing new. I haven’t done much since talent exams and to be honest I became a lazy butt again. At least I’ve spent a lot of time reading. And maybe that’s the reason why I have mood for writing.

To share the news. I don’t know that officialy but seems like I got accepted to AAAD (Umprum). I was little bit sad when I heard that, because it’s typical story turn of a fate. You start to plan something and in the next days, or months, you’re standing in front of new situation and you have to deal with it. I had a plan to be closer to someone and now my plans have changed. I have to find a new place to live, new job, I’ll be far away from my man again. But still I have to say I’m very glad for this opportunity. It’s not about me being in Prague, it’s about doing what I wanted to do. I believe everything will turn how it should be. And I’ll have my sewing machine and I can make more projects. I still have on my mind to take a pictures of things I’ve sewed and it will be much more because I’m working on dress right now. I will upload all I promised soon. I hope...

That’s what I usually say. Live with that, my friends!