Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Souls Are Blowing Away in Night Prague

It's late night here in Prague, Monday. Everyone probably came home from work and now is enjoying time with family, soulmate, or lover. Someone might go to the pub, meet friends, that's what people do here. They don't wait for a weekend, people live here. When I'm thinking of this, I have to tell you that life in Prague is really different than in other places; at least I can feel the mood of town. And us, alone people are just flying in our dreams, or breathing all energy from the lights outside while we are sitting on the windowsill. Everything here makes me nostalgic, not memories, it's just a mood. And that reminds me one song I love since I was 14. It's from a Czech band Tata Bojs and honestly, explain you the lyrics is such a hard task, because it's words game. It's simply about our souls, what are blowing away and we want to do something with that but there's always a problem. We just can't fully control our souls...

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