Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Those are probably a year old pictures I made for my graduation book. Yes we had to make a book; from the first idea to realization. I was stuck because we had to pick one of four topics and everyone took "My home, my castle" or "Downtown of Prague" and I as complete idiot picked "Question of Matriarchal and Patriarchal". Tereza wanted to be original, again. So I was thinking how to do that and after selection of topics I made a World of Male/Female Magazines. I looked at magazines as creators of a life style, they are almost in God's position of leading masses, but what I've found out after spending time in Maxim magazine, that original idea of patriarchal or matriarchal doesn't exist, at least not in current society. There are some areas where it's still working as some isolated villages or wild nations where it could work. The thing we called Patriarchal is more about being a macho.

Anyway I had a really good time spending my days there and they really helped me out to see the world of magazines. And I'm very thankful to them.

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