Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When I have dog days....

Sometimes I'm a pet lover. Well... Always!
But usually I think about having a pet as natural part of my life. Fortunately sometimes I love all animals around me and they make me very happy. When I was visiting my friend family, I met their new dog. What a rascal! He was from the shelter, previous owners gave him back there, but Tomas (my dad's friend, non-family uncle to me) took him and with his wife Josie gave him home full of love. Akela (That's the dog's name) definitely has personality. He's biting, trying to be master of you instead of you to be his, he's very playful and smart.
 Back to the point. I was cleaning my computer and found pictures from summer and it reminded me the fun in a dog park, walks and also my fights with him. I really miss that guy and with spring air coming I really want to go for a walk. Well I think I'll go back to Pardubice and take my own dog Charlie for a big walk on the water front...

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