Friday, March 5, 2010

Promise is promise

Do you know those days when you don’t have a mood to do anything? That’s what I’ve had from last week. If you’re expecting some pictures, I have to dissappoint you, because I have nothing I want to share, or nothing new. I haven’t done much since talent exams and to be honest I became a lazy butt again. At least I’ve spent a lot of time reading. And maybe that’s the reason why I have mood for writing.

To share the news. I don’t know that officialy but seems like I got accepted to AAAD (Umprum). I was little bit sad when I heard that, because it’s typical story turn of a fate. You start to plan something and in the next days, or months, you’re standing in front of new situation and you have to deal with it. I had a plan to be closer to someone and now my plans have changed. I have to find a new place to live, new job, I’ll be far away from my man again. But still I have to say I’m very glad for this opportunity. It’s not about me being in Prague, it’s about doing what I wanted to do. I believe everything will turn how it should be. And I’ll have my sewing machine and I can make more projects. I still have on my mind to take a pictures of things I’ve sewed and it will be much more because I’m working on dress right now. I will upload all I promised soon. I hope...

That’s what I usually say. Live with that, my friends!

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