Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy late Valentine's Day everyone.

As I announced earlier, I did my entrance art exams last week to studio of Federico Díaz called Supermédia. You might want to ask what the hell is that and to be honest it's very hard to explain. According to my opinion is combination of expressing artist's mind and usage of unexplored and good known technologies... It's totally up to you what you will use to make your art. It's really fantastic, because you can do whatever you want to. Some people think that this is only about video making and using computer, but I think you don't need computer, because medium is everything what tells something. Probably, I'm not saying I'm 100% sure I'm right, what I'm telling is just my opinion.

I should probably tell you how I did during those exams. I got into the second round, what means I went through the first tasks, which is kind of cool, I didn't get so far last year. Second day, they gave us a short history test. It was very very hard and to be honest I think I didn't do that well in this test, but we'll find out soon, same as well marking of interviews, another tasks. I'm Ok with both possible results.

And I definitely want to share some works with you guys so here you go...

This should be the my self-portrait, just like an exercise. I know it looks more like Phantom of The Opera mask, but I really like it, so that's why it's here.

I made this when I was in Canada and I was waiting for guys to pick me up, I had such a passion to start draw again. So I found one really great photo and wanted to make it little bit more abstract. didn't ended up so bad, don't you think?

And finally this should be my self-portrait I've been working on lately, unfortunately my sister doesn't think it looks like me, and maybe she's right... Well I guess I'm not such a good artist... but that's how I see myself. 

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