Friday, January 28, 2011

First Post

Hello guys...
I had crazy times and was focused just on getting my semestral work done. Anyway as soon as I upload photos this weekend I will let you know about what I've been doing so far. I'm finished now with working, at least for this week so new post soon.
Now... I found this post which I haven't upload.

5:22 a.m. and since I can't sleep I thought I will write a first post this year and share some news about what's going on. I'm crazy to be up at this inhuman hour. 

 1) I wish you guys all the best in 2011!
 2) It's getting dangerously close to the end of semester and I'm working my butt off since there's upcoming exhibition and next month another two, very important events I really want to be part of. Here's a chance to have an exhibit at DOX, which is one of the biggest galleries in Prague, and the second part of this is going to be shown in London. Sounds fancy, huh? 
 3) I need to find a really good poem for my video work, so if you got some tips I would love to hear them.

Now I still carry in my mind I wanted to post and share pictures from our christmas meeting at studio. We did a little decadent party, and mostly thanks to Denisa, it looked really pro. She made absolutely adorable origami candle cups, and I'm really curious how did she managed to do that, this art is nuts. Some of us brought food and we also got little presents, I have cute little monster earrings. So with friendly mood, hot wine and caviar we closed 2010. I just wish we could do this every month.  

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