Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alva Noto

As I'm little bit delayed with posting, I have something I wanted to tell you about a few weeks ago. 

Someone might say we are crazy people at the Supermedia studio, and I assure you that after reading this, you might think that too.  I consider myself as a lover of music with beautiful lyrics and pure melodies, sounds right from heart. On the other hand I can listen almost everything, even music what is simply pissing me off, and my big passion is electronic music (might have something to do with my running). 
So it happened that David and Federico let us know about upcoming concert of one, well how to say that, musician? We reserved ticket for those who wanted to see this pure electronic performance live and we went for a trip. 

 I was little bit skeptical, how the hell I will be able to listen this for an hour? I like it on youtube where it's short, but what about live performance? Dear friends, we sit to the chairs in one theatre, light went off and suddenly, out of the dark I felt just one simple beat coming through my body. 50 minutes of my body just vibrating and watching stripes layered one on each other. Absolutely pure visualization of sounds he was making. Only if Alva Noto didn't look like he needs to pee - some people really have funny dance moves.

 I cleared my mind, felt alive for awhile... I highly recommend to get your asses out of the house and go to feel some subwoofers. For a happier world.

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