Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canada, Wild Animals and Sweden

 So as I previously mentioned, I'm spending my summer in Canada, again. 
I won't be talking about what I've seen already, what I'm doing here and what I'm planning to do, because also I still want to keep some things just for myself. Let's just say: I'm practicing my english and eating fruit. Lot's of fruit, because, man, it's so delicious here. Not like those frozen grown strawberries without any flavor, sour peaches, that you don't want to eat them anymore. Hmmm

School is starting soon and I have chance to enjoy my last summer with all benefits it brings. Relax, got little bit of experience from other culture, open my eyes little bit widely.

But let me tell you something about my obsession last couple weeks. I became really amused by wild animals. I'm not talking about lions, tigers, elephants. I mean more like forest animals from up north. Did you ever noticed how gorgeous deers are? And birds? And now try to imagine it as a design in regular life. Sounds like a kitsch? Well not to me anymore. 
I took those seagulls pictures at the waterfront of Ontario lake and thinking about hanging it, once I get back to Prague and I would like your opinion people. Is that something you might want to have at home? 

And now about Sweden. I've never been there, that's something I must tell first. We would have a chance at my secondary school, because every year one class goes there. We were probably that bad , they didn't take us there and rather take other class. 
Anyway, thinking about this country makes me wonder how they are so successful in everything they do. I mean look at Ikea, H&M, ABBA... But what I think Sweden is most successful in? Design. 
I'm reading some design blogs from this country, let me correct myself, I'm not reading, just looking at pictures because as much as I want to, I don't speak their language. It's very inspirational, so if you're now in design, home reconstruction, I have some links for you...



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