Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Heat & Knitted Fashion

Hot sun is keep digging in my skin and I have feeling that it goes right to my bones. Let me tell you, I'm looking forward to autumn again. I think it's my favorite time of a year anyway, well maybe spring could be concurrence. I spent my last september in Canada and I miss the weather those days here. I know, I'm back, but I'm leaving the last day of August, so maybe I'll miss nice cool weather here. Well, whatever.

At least I started to learn knitting, cooler days will come soon and I have to be prepared. 
Which reminds me another thing I wanted to share. I was reading through and found out that knitted goods are very actual for this fall/winter season. Right on time, don't you think? 

Dior - FW 2010

Dolce&Gabbana - FW 2010

Michael Kors - FW 2010

pictures 1-2 by RG
pictures 3-11 from 

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