Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Thanks To...

Dear readers.

14 days ago I realized what a bad blogger I've been. Didn't post for almost two months? That's unacceptable. I really do apologize and let me to fix it right now. 

As you probably know, I was enjoying my time in Canada, because I had to live every moment till the end. 
I created a nice home with my love, I was spending time with my most favorite family in the world and also trying to enjoy friends. Well and now I'm back... In Czech Republic, where my days now are mostly about sewing, knitting, preparing for school and already missing my summer. 

But what is my point today? I want to thank all my special friends in Canada! Josie and Tomáš, because they always are my family in the other side of ocean, Bryan and Al for invitation to their absolutely amazing wedding and all the fun we had in Canada's Wonderland, Rob's Mom for being so nice and warm to me, Kylie and her amazing family, for having me for absolutely fantastic afternoon, Candice for being so friendly and nice to me and making up the party, Christopher for all the fun BBQs and mostly for helping us move to Montreal and being VERY PATIENT with us, Tom, Ivana,Graeme, Aleš, Jan, Sergey, Kseniya, Tyler, Martina, Lukáš, Jasmin, Jason, Dave for being such a great friends to hang out. And MOSTLY I want to thank my dear Rob, for being such an amazing man, partner and real support to me. I love you my dearest...

So as a little reminder to me and some sneak peak for you, here you are some pictures from my trip.

Pictures are courtesy of me and RG
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  1. thanks for the shout out! glad you had such a great summer ;)

  2. I did... thanks a lot...
    I hope you're having a great time, even when summer is almost gone.
    (At least here in Czech Republic)