Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Blues...

Holla readers. 

So summer is leaving us for good, well at least until next year, and I haven't talked much about what I've actually done during the summer. So except all traveling and enjoying myself, I actually practiced my knitting and sewing skills. I want to post pictures of what I've sewed so far, but I will be honest with you, I don't have any yet. So I guess I have to collect all my products and do little photoshoot for you guys because I would love to show you. (Well and I also have to finally put it on my BurdaStyle profile)
But let's talk about what I have and I'm able to present.

As you know, I got that beautiful electric blue dress I wrote about before. Thanks to that, blue became my favorite color for this summer. Last year I visited Greece and it's perfect they have this color on their flag. It's a blue styled country. I would love to share some pictures but I accidentally deleted them and I have only ones on facebook. Anyway I got these two pictures as a memory and believe me I haven't seen funnier old people. 

So they are sitting on my closet, watching me and making me laugh. Cute, huh?
Anyway when I was in Canada I bought myself yarns, just in case I was bored and my color choice was this amazing greek blue color, which makes me happy every time I take needles in my hands. It took me two months to get the cable knitted scarf into stage how it looks now, but unfortunately it's still not done and I will surprise you with the length and final design. 

To add something, when I was in Montreal with Rob, we had to make decision about colors we want to paint his apartment. Try to guess what color we got for bedroom... BENTLEY BLUE!!!

And now back at home, my daddy asked me if I could sew him some little bags for dry lavender flowers.
(We have herbal garden since herb became passion in my family)
So I was looking for some fabric I could use and I found this blue vintage plead fabric with little red/white flowers. My mother probably bought it in 80's and used it for some horrible blouse for my sister and of course I had to wear it as well. Nothing better than use it for cute little bags, with natural rope... what do you think?

So I guess that's all from me for today. 

Let me know what do you think!


P.S. Check out new blog about my running adventure... for english version click here and for the czech one here!

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